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First Visit

What to Expect at Your First Visit

To save you time when checking in for your first appointment, you may access our new patient forms at home via this website. Visit our New Patient Forms page to take care of your paperwork prior to your appointment.

Our initial examination is free of charge, and there is no discomfort involved. After obtaining a medical/dental history, digital photos, and panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, Dr. Scott will perform a visual exam of your teeth, mouth and jaw structures. Most of your questions will be answered at this visit.

Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the problem, additional diagnostic stone models will be needed for Dr. Scott to evaluate and a separate consultation may be scheduled to discuss alternatives.

Open Communication

We believe that good orthodontic care begins with open communication. We promise to speak candidly with you about our diagnosis and recommendations, any alternative treatments, and any symptoms present that may require further treatment. Working together, we can achieve a true partnership, with one common goal – helping you achieve a beautiful, confident smile!

If you’d like to schedule your first appointment at Scott Orthodontic Associates, please call our office or visit our Request an Appointment page.